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we help businesses like
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What we do

BeSplendiD specializes in visual identity design (corporate identity and brand identity design), working diligently with clients to create effective visual communication that will inform, influence and inspire their audience.

Why we do it

We’re a graphic design services team that genuinely cares about creativity and also about the like-minded, enthusiastic people we enjoy working with. Nothing makes us smile more than sharing our clients’ success stories.

Working with

Whether you’re a startup, entrepreneur, family business, or SME that has been established for some time; if you can appreciate the true value and benefits of design effectiveness, then we might just get along famously.

Helping to create the best possible first impression


Helping to create
the best possible
first impression

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Turning innovative ideas into the brands of tomorrow


Turning innovative
ideas into the brands
of tomorrow

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Creating recipies for success and building future legacies


Creating recipies for
success and building
future legacies

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Improving business performance through better design


Improving business
performance through
better design

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You’re a startup in need of your first visual identity…

Whilst trying to establish your startup business in what might be a crowded market, you’ll face the challenge of being seen and heard amongst numerous competitors with proven track records and trusted reputations.

We started our company from scratch and know first hand that to be taken seriously, your visual communication design must be clear, concise and compelling. BeSplendiD helps startups look professional and credible, reassuring potential and existing customers that you are indeed worthy of their time and money.

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You’re an entrepreneur seeking an experienced, reliable creative resource…

Entrepreneurs we’ve worked with have shown great vision, determination, seemingly limitless energy, and the natural ability to keep several plates spinning at the same time.

Rather like the conductor of an orchestra, they direct rather than play every note themselves, trusting those working alongside them to be professional, reliable and to clearly understand what is expected. We’re very comfortable taking on responsibility, helping to free up your valuable time and hopefully you’ll find us to be an amiable bunch to work with.

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Yours is a family business that would benefit from independent creative insight…

Faced with their own unique challenges, small family-owned businesses in particular, can easily be tempted to try and meet as many demands as possible within the family unit. Whilst perfectly understandable, if your visual content is poorly designed, it can dilute a strong message and even provoke a negative response that could harm your reputation.

Our team has a proven track record of helping family businesses of all sizes, to visually connect with their audiences. Where succession is a consideration, we offer unbiased advice and assistance to ensure your business and brands are in healthy shape for the next generation.

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You’re an established SME in search of fresh creative and strategic input…

Perhaps you need a brand identity for an exciting new product or service you’re planning to launch, or maybe you’re thinking that your existing corporate identity is in need of an overhaul. You might already be working with a design team that seems to have gone off the boil of late, or is making you feel under valued.

BeSplendiD can offer you an insightful creative approach that is well researched, explorative and ultimately focused on delivering design effectiveness that can have a positive impact on your bottom line. We’re interested in developing long-term client relationships and nothing is taken for granted, as we are only ever as good as our last job.

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Case studies of some favourite projects

Design portfolio examples

A proven track record

Corporate | B2B | Retail

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We never rest on our laurels…
The design team’s ability to interpret and execute the brief quickly and effectively was critical to the ultimate success of the project. Final artwork was delivered within a very aggressive timeframe, facilitating an unprecedented speed to market. The re-packaged B&L product range has already won several design awards, which is testament to an outstanding team effort.- Hugh Darcy – Global Marketing Director B&L, Fellowes
Recommendations and repeat business have kept my company busy for more than 50 years but times change and it became obvious that I really needed to be visible online. I wasn't sure where to begin so Anthony met with me to learn more about my business. He drafted out the content of an entire website, even helping to source photos and gain permission. I’m very pleased with the end result and have received several enquiries.- Harry Osborne – Owner, Mallinson Remedial Services
I’m an inventor and entrepreneur but certainly not a graphic designer. Paul and Anthony are part of a trusted team that instinctively understands my vision and is able to help turn my best ideas into marketable products. I’m always alert to opportunities and it’s not unusual for the guys to have to visualise my thoughts at short notice, enabling me to present convincingly to potential investors and other interested parties.- Jullian Preston-Powers – CEO, Cool Technologies Ltd

Priceless… well, almost

Designed to suit your budget

Our design concepts
are as unique as our
clients’ businesses

The identity concepts we lovingly create are not generated by computer algorithms, nor the result of online design competitions that pay peanuts to one person from dozens of entrants around the world. Instead, they are individually crafted by award-winning experienced design professionals who still reach for a pencil and pad before their computer.

We believe in offering excellent value through fair and sensible pricing

You’ll be pleased to learn that our pricing structure isn’t half as creative as our designs. Years of experience have helped us to hone a very efficient working process that consistently delivers high quality, cost-effective outcomes.

To help give you an idea of our affordability, we’ve outlined some example prices for identity design, all of which are subject to the scale and complexity of the work involved.

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